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Phone: 785-856-4646
Fax: 785-843-0933

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Maintenance Request

If this is an emergency, please call the property management team immediately at 785-856-4646. If it is after hours, please notify the answering service that it is a immediate emergency. If you are unable to connect with an answering service operator, call Sara at 785-691-6489. Please continue to fill out this form in order to detail the maintenance request for our records.

Office hours are Monday through Thursday 9am to 4pm and Friday 9am to 12pm

For emergency situations that threaten human life or property and demand immediate attention, please call 9-1-1.

Missed Appointments, Neglect and Unnecessary Service Calls: The resident is responsible for the payment of any invoice for which a repair was made for damage, etc., caused by their misuse or neglect. The resident is also responsible for the payment of any service call charged by a contractor for 1) a missed appointment; 2) for not moving personal items a sufficient distance away from the area to be serviced; 3) for not leaving any personal locks unlocked (ie: bedroom doors) resulting in the contractor not being able to gain entry to the property; 4) in the event that there is a pet that the contractor feels is threatening in any way; or 5) for other reasons that are clearly the fault of, and/or are under the control of, the resident that do not allow the contractor to complete the necessary work. Residents may cancel an appointment by calling our office during regular office hours and speaking with a member of the management staff no less than 90 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment with the contractor.

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